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Watersong Productions, LLC is proud to announce a new project currently in production, What’s in the Heart, a documentary film that explores the ways in which American Indians continue their ancient traditions of living in health, harmony and hope in the face of tremendous challenges that have plagued them since the first Europeans arrived 500 years ago. Through the myriad of losses experienced (land, language, culture, ceremonies, Medicine people, etc) they now suffer the worst health disparities of any population in the United States.



Developed and produced by Kitty Farmer, we are thrilled also to have the commitment of Emmy-nominated cinematographer, Erin Harvey, Shana Hagan who has shot Academy Award, Emmy and IDA-winning documentaries and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Deanne Fitzmaurice.

American Indians are the only population in the United States promised healthcare by the government.

In spite of this promise, Indian people live shorter lives with unnecessary suffering.

What's in the Heart is a documentary film in production that explores the history and trust responsibility the United States government has with the original inhabitants of this nation as recorded in nearly 500 treaties. There was a fair exchange of land and resources for social services including housing, education and healthcare.

What's in the Heart looks at the medical crisis in Indian country, but more importantly, reveals amazing Indian people who have created remarkable healing programs utilizing best practices both from modern medicine and traditional healing to heal their communities.

Black Elk, the great Oglala Lakota shaman and healer who was a survivor of the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890 said that the Sacred Hoop was broken that day. But he also saw that in seven generations, the Sacred Hoop would be mended.

What's in the Heart explores the understanding that the seventh generation is today's children and the many ways that exemplify the healing time Black Elk had seenand the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Northern Plains Healthy Start Program and the Lakota Circle Village Sacred Hoop School founded by Leonard Little Finger.

Kitty Farmer, Producer and Director

Contact: or .


"We are the ones we’ve been waiting for."

—Hopi Prophesy

"Let us put our minds together and see what life
we can make for our children."

—Chief Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa, Lakota

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